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LODD Memorial

Firefighting & emergency rescues are dangerous & sometimes life threatening services that are provided by thousands of women & men all across Nebraska. Whether through volunteer or career service, the names of those individuals who have given their all in service to their community & perished in the line of duty will be forever remembered and honored through their being engraved on stately red granite tablets that stand at the head of the Nebraska Firefighters & EMS Memorial. The STORIES and HISTORY that these brave men and women were a part of should always be celebrated and shared. As a part of the service of the Nebraska Firefighters & EMS Memorial, we want to facilitate the telling of those stories. Please click on the name(s) of your loved one(s), whether family, friend, or fellow hero, and add the stories, anecdotes, and memories that you share! Thank you for being a part of fanning the flames of the memories of these incredible individuals!

These lives will be forever remembered.

LODD TABLET #1 (from the West):

LODD TABLET #3 (from the West):

George Bendson – Omaha Fire Department – 8/9/1899

Otto Giseke – Omaha Fire Department – 8/9/1899

Charles A. Hopper – Omaha Fire Department – 8/9/1899

Diana Rosene – Cortland Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department – 2/27/2002

Clarence Protsman – Lincoln Fire & Rescue Department – 5/25/1890

Joseph Thomburg – Lincoln Fire & Rescue Department – 5/25/1890

Charles Baarman – Omaha Fire Department – 3/28/1930

Thomas G. Hastings – Omaha Fire Department – 3/28/1930

Henry Goth – Omaha Fire Department – 12/4/1928

Gene K. Copple – Homer Volunteer Fire Department – 11/18/1990

Alfred C. Gyreum – Omaha Fire Department – 10/2/1893

John Haller – Omaha Fire Department – 3/20/1928

Eli F. Kling – Omaha Fire Department – 12/29/1894

LODD TABLET #4 (from the West):

Edward Dodrill – Omaha Fire Department – 2/26/1939

John E. Jackson – Omaha Fire Department – 2/26/1939

John Curran – Lincoln Fire & Rescue Department – 6/26/1906

Chuck J. Vodak – Dunning Volunteer Fire Department – 3/16/1999

William M. Burmester – Omaha Fire Department – 11/26/1903

William A. Barrett – Omaha Fire Department – 11/26/1903

Herbert C. Goldsborough – Omaha Fire Department – 11/26/1903

Leroy W. Lester – Omaha Fire Department – 11/26/1903 

Lowell Satterwhite Sr. – Dakota City Fire Department – 09/11/2016

Eric Speck – Dakota City Fire Department – 06/27/2016

Andy Zalme – Dakota City Fire Department – 04/16/2015

Darrell Parker – Fairbury Rural Fire District – 08/13/2014

Robert Hanes Sr. – Weeping Water Rescue – 06/12/2013

Paul R. Thein – Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s Office – 03/10/1975

Michael D. Hartman – Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s Office – 05/19/1972

John Sing – Boys Town Fire Department – 11/11/2019

THANK YOU to all of the individuals, families, departments, businesses and organizations who have contributed to this project and who have helped to bring this dream into a reality.

In order to ensure that all heroes receive the honor due them, please be sure to alert us at 308-338-FIRE(3473) if tragedy strikes & a Nebraska department suffers the loss of one of our own.